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House designer who loves his job

Your innovative house designer... but who is he....

Congratulations! You found the 'hidden' page. So let me introduce myself.

You saw this little joker man displaying in my web pages. knowing me

Christophe, living in typical French village, but soon you can call me "Tophe".

I love courious 'folks', including you, reading this page. Thank you for your interest in my passion.

I love to work fast (you will ask me for that anyway), so i'm sometimes waiting the same enthusiasm from your side;

Stop drawing some floor plans including rooms without windows ! We are able to go till moon, so we can use our brain;

You will often find me till late at office or at week end, but almost never before 9h30 Am, be carfeful, we are GMT+1 !!!

I'm hired to tell the truth, call a spade a spade, i'll not spinning yarns

Please if you want wood house, put colors inside and outside, too much wood color is sad;

Unpayed job is nightmare, so i will always ask you down payement (in advance) before starting your dream house;

I love to hear you correctly so please don't let your phone on table at few meters, we both having different accent;

The reason why i love home phone, without motorcycle as background noise;

This is maybe why i still don't have mobile phone (or maybe because at home there's no network);

Why this website is not like all other ones ? Because i made it myself... No i'm not a geek

Small money (budget) not necessary means pitiful house, except if we both have no taste; (or listened too much TV news)

Why working if don't like what we are doing ? Personnally i love designing houses;

I do not know all (i'm far actually), i always ask, i'm listening to you and so i love reciprocity;

Money is important, but i also like if we stay in touch after, (specially if you live in a beautiful place);

I love to be invited to house warming party, and bring a present.(we'll maybe need to solve the problem of plane ticket)

NO no and no i do not send dimensions of my drawings, unless you make me work; no joke !

Ah, the music ! I always slow down the volume after picking up the phone, i think i'll have to do contrary (left hand is faster than right hand).

You may not like if i said that your first floor plan idea may be improved. It is not malicious, it is just an advice.

I'm French, and from South-West, so please excuse me if i have funny accent. I try to do my best.

I'm sometimes reply to phone call on Sundays, "yeah"; my son always have something 'veryyyy 'important to say at this specific moment!

Sometimes i answer phone call from outside, and my bulldog (Frenchie of course) always choose this moment to run after rabbit !

If i say rabbit, it's because i live in countryside with a very unpowerful Dsl !;

You can always n├ęgociate price of my floor plans and design... but please intelligently. (with good arguments)

I sometimes goes on holidays, hope you will not needs my services at this time, generally i come back quickly;

I love wood houses, but i am also designing some "traditionnal" stones or concrete houses for nice persons;

If your building rules (in your country) don't allow house of your dream please do not shout after me;

If i ask you for high resolution picture of your land, please avoid taking it with your smartphone, unless it's 3 Mo minimum;

I have no fax machine since years, pissed me off to ring all time for unsollicited advertising;

Ok if you think my job is so easy, but please avoid to ask me some advices about how to do! (typically some Frenchs doing it);

You may want to phone to me, but remember till 21.30 pm... GMT +1 !!!

You can always contact me just to talk, this is always free, and it will stay like this;


Breaking news ! The 'best friend'

We all of us having one best friend who knows everything, have done all ! Sure you know already who i'm talking about. If he knows better than me and you thing he is right, then please make him do my job, and forgive me.


So you readed all content of this page ? tell me 1 sentence just after my price offer, and i'll give you a samll discount! Absolutely !

gift 50 euros discount minimum !

Warmly (i know it's a bit familiar), Tophe, your designer

Friends designers, if you don't have such a webpage, then don't copy this one, but be creatives.

He have big Pen !

designer with big pencil

I have small computer.

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Website by Tophe (yeah, it's me)

Your are searching for a modern house with 3 bedrooms and one office, and you found a lot of pictures, but none suits your desires and your style? No problem, Perspectiva will design only for you an unique and exclusive house. You may prefer modern house with flat roof or more traditionnal house with 2 sides roof, we will respect your wishes. Browse our online catalog of floor plans, make some choices of what you like and dislike, and contact us. We will provide you with an unique drawing of your house; we will work step by step, starting with floor plan and drawings, then continue with facades and then finishing with a nice 3d rendering with your land in background. Perspectiva, your house designer loves all architectural styles.