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Styles -01 of Perspectiva house design

Ah ! this webpage is not like all other websites... why cannot browse by style and/or surface ?

Because! I want you take times to se all styles. You may fin some interesting ideas in smaller or bigger house. Sorry, you'll have to watch all.

You'll find a lot of wood houses design. I love thems, but not only. Remember i will design YOUR wishes.

This houses are examples only, i can design your house, or modify some existing design.

I wish you a nice time discovering this online catalog of my designed houses.

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Browse our free catalog with more than 10.000 ft2 of houses floor plans designed. You will find modern houses floor plans as well as chalets plans or traditionnal Frech design houses plans. More than a standard house catalog, you can create your own house with a pro designer online. No matter if you need residential floo plan or holiday country house drawing, Perspectiva house-design will create the house of your dream, even if you only want an affordable and inexpensive house floor plan. Check our ready made houses floor plans if you want to customize one.