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To have unique and exclusive house

Wich services provides your exclusive house designer ?

Discover here what kind of services and advantages you get with your house designer Perspectiva.

Because a great house start with more than a basic floor plan or simple drawing !

one story modern house flat roof2 story modern housedesign contemporary 2 story house garage

As you can see above each house is meticulously designed, to match customers wishes and specific needs.

creative house designer

So let's discover what you will get from your house designer.

Services and advantages to hire a house designer. What you'll get.

All drawings may be in metric system or U.S. dimensions and will be sent via email in Pdf ®, also by postmail in A3 size if you need.

fleche As you understood, your house will be unique, no matter what size it is, no matter wich budget you have to built it,

fleche Your house designer will watch your house differently and make some proposals, based on his experience and style of life,

fleche We will work step by step, you will reveive every evening (for me) the job done so far,

First you'll receive when finished all 'basics' drawings. The ones you need to consult builders or building companies in your country. Not really blueprint, as all drawings are on white background.

fleche I will provide the detailed floor plans of course, with all measurements, including furnitures used, walking spaces...

floor plan technical drawing

fleche You will have 4 fa├žades (exterior elevations) views and some basics perspective views,

mountain log home design3d perspective view log mountain house

fleche Then sectionnal view (cross section), including roof dimensions and surface + external walls surface, windows surfaces

sectionnal view wood house

fleche Land top view drawing, also called ground plan or overall plan,

ground plan of house top view

That's normally it for the "technical" drawings, but you'll get more of course! Let's continue.

fleche I will provide also nice realistic textured floor plans,

realistic floor plan

fleche And also 3d realistic rendering of your house (average size of picture 2500 x 2000px),

3d house design

fleche If you need, i will provide the CAD files,

fleche And everything you may need, as long as i can do it,

So what about the price then ?

What is not include in my offer ?

Please read:

fleche Architectural and engineering seals. (In some countries you need that a licensed architect or engineer review and "seal" blueprints)

fleche Materials list (detail sets for electrical, plumbing, construction, mechanical...).

fleche I do not provide production (manufacturing) drawings. My drawings absolutely needs to suits your local building and safety rules.

fleche I cannot know wich roof beam dimension you really need according to your rules, by example if you live in mountain with lot of snow.

fleche My drawings only gives general indications. Always consult local builder, architect or building ingeneer to complete my drawings.

fleche Each state, city and subdivision have their own set of codes and regulations that needs to be respected.


No more hesitation, contact me !

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Dream about uinique house ? Order our full package including floor plan, sectionnal view, overall plan and 3d render of your house. You will have an inexpensive and unique house that match your desires. You may dream about ultra modern house style or contemporay home or maybe mountain log house, no problem for your house designer Perspectiva. Maybe a French touch house or European home ? Find your house, browse our online floor plans catalog, you will have all drawings also called blueprint. Contemporary or modern homes with solar panels and beautiful rooflines.