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Since a long time ago in France at least

PERSPECTIVA, draw me a nice house...

You are not everybody, so why having everybody's house ?

Drawing your future house is a very important step in the process, this is my passion, give you an unique house that suits your wishes and needs.

This house must also be affordable, beautiful and functional, i guess. And you're fed up of standard houses? Me too !

Each house must suits your land, not the contrary.

cubic house design

So i will help you to choose your house designer: of course, each designer have his own style.

Because i am mainly working on French market, my houses are adaptated to this beautiful and 'crazy' country. I can tell it, i am French.

I am specialised in wood houses, because i love them, but not only, i am designing buildings, stone houses....

I'm use to draw functional houses, no wasted spaces, a it's a bit expensive to build house in France, and mainly to pay taxes every years !

arrow Anecdote: You know here we pay 2 taxes/year: 1 because you own the house, 1 because you live inside ! YES, i promise! Crazy no ?

So believe me, if you ask me to be carefull on surface (m2 or ft2 ) i know exactely what you mean.

But i'm sure i can also get generous in drawings if you tell me no matter what size your house should be.

knowing me

Anyway i'm not designing your house for my pleasure ( a bit) but for you. I always respect your wishes and final choices. Advice is cheap.

Nice and affordable house, with quality building materials is possible . Just need to keep in mind since first drawing.

Price of my design may soon be an amortised cost with my experience, ideas, and proposals.

As you will see, my drawings are a bit French touch, crazy, sometimes funny, but always constructible.

nice affordable house design

Perspectiva house designer like...

arrow Flat roof, modern style, even ultra modern style = true

arrow Traditionnal house style, stone house, 2 sides roof or 4 sides roof = true

arrow Room without any window = false (it should even not be allowed, except in renovation)

arrow Houses from all around the world = true

arrow Taking huge amount of money to design house = false

arrow Listening music when drawing on his computer = true true true

Remember the title was 'Perspectiva like'

arrow Small houses with nice design for unrich peopole, divorced persons = true

arrow Wood houses (frame, handcrafted, logs...) = true

arrow Work before 9.30 Am = false

arrow Waste space, draw unusued m2 = false (unless you asked for)

arrow Stone houses or concrete houses = true (i live in typical stone house)

arrow That everybody have the right to have exclusive and unique house = true true

arrow Talking with people from all around the world, from different culture or religion= true

arrow Working and designing house for free = false (unless you have good deal to propose, very good one i mean)

arrow Likes Baltic countries, specially Latvia = true

To be continued...

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Either you dream about small cottage house or big moderne house, Perspectiva will be able to design the house wich match your needs and wishes. Country house, farm house or cottage house, ranch or prairie house, no matter how you call it, it will be YOUR house, the only one like this on earth. Inexpensive and affordable house for your family, you'll be able to have confortable home at reasonnable price. Choose your house design, create your own house style with perspectiva, architectural company designing unique houses. You will recevie flooor plans, facades views and 3d rendring of your home. From luxury home to green house plans, including house plan with firework, we are making all kind of house drawings, blueprint sometimes calls, it can be 4 bedrooms house plans or 2 story house plans, you will always receive your exclusive house floor plan. You may also want to have house with guest suite, or master suite bedroom. Browse our online catalog of floor plans by your floor plan maker Perspectiva.